Everyone has heard of Pocahontas of course. our ancestor was a cousin of Pocahantas. In English she was called Nicketti. But because of her great beauty she was called ‘She Who Sweeps Dew From Flowers’ in the Algonquin tongue. She was the daughter of Cleopatra (so named as the suggestion of John Smith whom Pocohantas has saved from death earlier), a younger first cousin of Pocahontis.

Pocahontas was the princess daughter of Powhatan the powerful chieftain whom was the first Indian leader in America to deal with the Europeans. Cleopatra was married to Opechancanough, the brother of Powhatan. Opechancanough succeeded Powhatan as chief or their tribe and a large coalition of neighboring tribes. Opechancanough was much more warlike than his brother. In 1640 he initiated a sustained war against the whites. Although almost half the whites died, Opechancanough was finally forced to give it up.

Nicketti, his daughter even married an Englishman in the end. The first of many unions of Europeans and Native Americans began with Pocahontas and John Rolfe. Our ancestors must have certainly been amongst the very earliest.

He was Capt John Rice “Trader” Hughes. He sailed a supply ship to the Jamestown settlement. After he sold the ship, he found and married the princess Nicketti, moved them up into the mountains as yet never entered by the whites, built a cabin which served as a home and trading center. There they had their children and raised them amongst the Indians. Even during the big uprising of 1640 when half the whites were killed, the Capt. & Nicketti lived without troubles.

With some certitude we could claim our ancestor Captain John Rice Hughes was the very first ‘mountain man’ in America. And, although the blood of that pair now runs a bit thin in our veins, we can say we are kith & kin to those two races meeting for the first time in America.

The rock chimney of their log home/store still exists. It was used for decades as a reference point for surveys.

We have a lot of very interesting characters in our family tree…

2 thoughts on “Nicketti of the Powhatan

  1. Hello, My Name is DALE C. Rice and I am reserarching the family descendants of Captain John Rice Hughes…As I surmised Captain Rice had access to a merchant vessel which aparantly he sold…are there records for the sale and to whom or when? Trader Hughes ancestory is nearly Identical to a person I am researching, one John aka Perrott Rice who faked his own death in Wales and escaped the crushing personal debt he had accumulated…He had need of the vessel for various reasons and one was to return the abandoned son of a very Prominent Puritan in Ma. 1642. I f you could direct me to the source of the story regarding the ship, it’s name or second owner I would so appreciate it….Fyi Captain John Rice was an ENGLISH Cavalier in service to the Crown and died in Battle….His brother Perrott ap Rice we believe assumed his identiy and started over in AMerica, first homsteading in NY where he would have met the Native Beauty Nickitti….She most likely was a traveling companion and not a wife since those marriages were prohibited by the Puritan community….as a Quaker he would have been breaking many taboos….not to say he wasn’t up to it but no formal wedding would have been attended….you may contact me at dalecrice@live.com with any doccumentation you may have….We are doing DNA Research as this man be a descendant of an unacknowledged ROYAL of the ERA….Many kind regards DCR 1948

  2. Many blessing s cousin 4 times Grandson of US Gov.John Floyd. I just read a private story his second grandson left behind. His mamaw was Nickitti Floyd his name was Dysart. And he said in her life she told him were the name came from and her Dad the Gov. Also said if his father would of been riding Pompey his favorite horse. That day in Floyd Station KY. He would of never died. Just wanted to share this with you. I find it funny so many details from such honest loved ones way past 1920s to today . Are now having to be made so public was it they thank our Grandmother was a real princess so they try steal ing her or is it they thank they can live on a reservation. That has made it clear no matter how well we document things they dont take us as family. So maybe since they know this they will leave our familys alone. I also seen were a lady has called us liers a made up love story WOW. Then she has false family tree making Evan Davis appear as our Grandmothers Grandfather instead of her brother. To add to the confusion. I could put some facts here that would make them understand these families seen alot of stuff that proves there life but not sure they could handle the truth these days if it’s a love story they seek. My first grandmother knew her first grandmother. Same with Gov Floyd. have a good and safe day family many blessing.

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