We have armed guards in banks, walking the streets, in federal buildings, riding the hiways, and virtually anywhere we have assetts we consider valuable.

But we have no armed guards watching over our most valued & loved possessions: our children. What are we thinking?

Oren Shemtov, CEO of Israel’s Academy of Security and Investigation advocated that American schools follow the lead of Israeli schools which have long battled terrorist attacks against their children.

“U.S. soldiers returning from overseas are well suited for school protection”, he said, and “instead of returning with nothing to do there’s a sea of work” as school guards.

“They’re the elite of the American people,” Shemtov said. “You have people obligated, morally and ethically to the state, to the flag – this is a soldier. It’s a person who went out to do this. All you have to do is give him the appropriate training to do this in the private sector….This is the best of the American people, like they’re the best of the Israeli people. They’re people who took it upon themselves to help others.”

Many Israeli schools have highly trained armed teacher response groups. Shemtov also noted that in virtually all attacks against school children the event ended when the attacker was first confronted by an armed adversary. “Why not end the episode much earlier?”, he asked.


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