Does it seem strange to anyone else that we all seem to be operating at several levels in America?

First: Every day, all levels of citizenry, we are carrying on our lives as if nothing was observably wrong.

Second: The entire country is ignoring a rapidly approaching fiscal cliff the size of the Grand Canyon. Over this one & America as we know it will no longer exist. Nor, in all likelihood, most other countries in the world tied in any degree to the American dollar.

Third: Liberals in charge of America are totally ignoring both history and the US Constitution. In response a huge number of Americans are arming themselves to the teeth. Gun, ammo & accessory sales are through the roof in completely unprecedented numbers. And, most major agencies of the federal government are buying massive amounts of ammo.

Frankly, I am scared. Without the financial resources to maintain the huge bureaucracy built by the federal politicians, it will inevitably crumble. Prior to that loss literally millions of federal “agents” armed to the teeth will attempt to maintain control. When they meet an armed determined citizenry no longer willing to allow freedoms to be swept away, the country will be awash in the blood of modern day patriots.


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