The Constitution is both a work of art and an impenetrable wall of stone. We the people built it around our government. The US Federal Government had nothing to do with it as it did not even exist when it was written.

It is a wall which states no government is allowed to extend beyond…PERIOD!

When that government attempts to go over, around, under or through that barrier it is overstepping it’s bounds. Such attempts must be stopped.

In the case of gun control the Feds over-stepped their bounds the first time they passed legislation dealing with firearms. Not only ‘fair-minded’ policies such as background checks or registration.

Such legislation creates leaks in our Constitutional wall. No matter how extensive or trivial the over-stepping it should be ruthlessly opposed.

When someone threatens with harm you do not bicker with them about details of how much you will allow them to harm you…they are to be stopped in their tracks. Endless arguments of what ‘common-sense’ rules and regulations we should put-up with are just plain wrong.

When it comes to the US Constitution and our Federal government, firearms are off the table.

The creators of our government allowed for possible gun control. All powers not specifically delegated the central government are reserved to the states or the people. In fact the founding fathers encouraged the states to experiment with differing types of government hoping they would perhaps find better means of serving the people.

So, when the governments of the various states were formed the people of that state might delegate a portion of their freedoms to carry arms to that state politic. A bad idea in my mind, but I do not seek to control how people of New York govern themselves. Any gun control should only exist at the state or local level.

Coincidentally, state and local governments are the ones most responsive to the will of the people and most representative of local customs and ideals. I believe this places me squarely within the “state’s rights” group…more properly I firmly believe that the closer to home the government exists the better the government.


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