One cold Feb day I took my oldest grandson (about 5 then) up on Little river. He wanted to fish and, other than the cold, it was a nice day. I bought him a box of worms & off we went.

Below the Pine Creek dam is the rocky old river bed which is easilly accessable and harbors many fish. We settled down on a small pool with a gravel bar around it. Being very cold the fish were not biting very well at all.

Something bit his worm & he worked hard to reel it in. When he got it up to the gravel bar it was a carp about 9-10#. He saw the size of it & he threw the fishin’ pole at me & took-off! Had to take it back home for braggin’ & pictures. Got about half of it in the 5 gal. bucket with the tail hanging out.

He remembers that thing and it was a very good day for me…


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