Had a Cobra do a low-level high-speed fly over one day. The whops were few & far between. Heard it coming in time to enjoy it. That Cobra went by so fast…gave me chills up my back. If I remember correctly the top end on that gunship was around 165 kph.

We had an F105 do some close suppord on firebase Schroeder one night. He put some napalm on the woodline. It is amazing how that stuff first sucks your breath & then the heat…

We had an interesting talk the next day: When the 105 comes over @ tree level you just could not hear it coming. Only when it came over and the full blast hit you did you know what was up. Now the napalm drop took a few seconds to ignite/spread. We wondered whether the charlies had time, between the blast of the jet passing immediately over their heads and the time the napalm crisped them, to get really scared. We of course hoped they did, but that was just GI talk…


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