There are currently several legislative “cures” proposed to address the many political crisis which have arisen of late. I seriously doubt that attempting to create a cure through the same process which spawned the existing abomination will work.

Perhaps we would be better advised to focus upon the judiciary. Federal judges are charged with ensuring that government activities remain within proscribed limits of the Constitution. If they are not doing their sworn duty than they should be replaced. Impeachment is an alternative which is rarely used within the judicial branch of government except in cases of blatant moral promiscuity.

All elected and non-elected public officials who swear to uphold the Constitution and then fail to do so should be replaced. I doubt if legislation limiting legislation will have much effect upon this current mess nor any future one. Rather, more legislation simply produces more “loopholes” through which advocates of plethora of unconstitutional programs can be instituted.

I support hiring people who are true to their sworn word. In the end it we the people who must send those servants to Washington who represent, support and pocess the moral character to maintain the values we cherish. And, perhaps, the previous sentence accuratly describes why we are in the current political/social situation.


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