Last night I had a weird dream. Cheri & I were visiting grandkids in a larger city; shopping a little, eating out…the usual.
Suddenly, over televisions, the internet, radios & all forms of communication, it was announced that a Sino-Russian coalition had taken-over the governance of the United States. In some manner a bloodless coupe had been made and officials at the highest Federal level had been replaced. In retrospect it was more like a foreclosure.
Most people were fairly panicked. Expecting paratroops (as in “Red Dawn”) we all scurried for cover. Then, as nothing immediate ensued, Cheri & I headed for home.
As we drove we expected to encounter roadblocks manned by Chinese troops or Russian secret service personnel. We saw no one…as if they would waste manpower setting up roadblocks on the Oachita Forest roads.
A few days later leaders of the Coalition and ex-President Obama appeared to explain what had happened. Obama of course apologized profusely to his captors and stated to the American people that it was not his fault.
The Coalition leaders explained that world leaders had made a decision that the American leviathan could no longer be allowed to run wild through the world. With the full knowledge of the UN and all leading nations the Chinese-Russian Coalition was tasked with setting America right.
They continued in their list of crimes, complaints and irresponsible behavior. Chief amongst the crimes was America’s constant state of war and the unwarranted killing of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world. The irresponsible behavior was the huge un-repayable debt amassed by our governments.
Cut now to a few weeks later: People now discussed how little things had changed. Most noticeable was the massive reduction of armed forces and elimination of all combat. Over the objections of disbanded labor unions thousands were employed at remarkably low wages. Millions of government employees were layed-off and told to return to their homes-of-origin.
I don’t know what happened after that, I awoke a bit mystified at the dream. I have these kinds of dreams often…the type that puts together facts from the waking day with the imaginary solutions of the inner mind.
Just thought I would share this one.

In response to a FB comment on my dream above I wrote the below. The comment was related to war not being abolished in our lifetime.

That’s definitely true about conflict. But few nations maintain a near constant state of war as we have the last couple of decades.
Also in the last 40+ years we have not only gone into combat but have helped train, organize and arm our adversaries.
Saddam Hussein is only the most obvious. We backed his government after the Iraq hostage debacle as a counter balance in the region.
When the Russians occupied Afghanistan the CIA welcomed the opportunity to pay-back them for old debts in Vietnam. We consequently backed the Mujahideen. The Afghan Islamists were the original recipients of aid but volunteers from Saudi Arabia (including Osama bin Laden and other future leaders of Al-Qaeda) were welcomed into the militant corpse.
Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno was a soldier when he allied himself with the CIA. Elevated to Panamanian strong man we then destroyed him. This is a common tale. It is a wonder American can still find willing allies.
Few have ever heard the tale of the Deer Team exploits during WW II. Major Archimedes Leonidas Attilio Patti was an OSS operative in China seeking a thorn to insert into the Japanese troops in Indo China. He located his thorn in little Vietnamese gentleman recently released from a French prison named Ho Chi Mihn.
The Deer Team was organized explicitely to create an effective fighting force to field against the Japanese and their Vichy French conspirators. At the Japanese surrender Ho occupied Hanoi and pled with Roosevelt to respect his government. But we decided to back the old French colonial tradition thus assuring the deaths of thousands if not millions in Southeast Asia.
Why do we set-up our future enemies only to turn and attempt to anihilate them? That is American expertise in action.

But-HEY-this was just a dream!


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