I received an email the other day from a friend. It contained a recent news story dealing with some policy decisions of the Republican Party which indicated the party had gone off “the Deep End”. After some thought I wrote the following answer:

I’ve had this sitting on my email list for several days wondering how to respond. I’d like to let you know I’m still not sure.

The issue that makes it most difficult to address the current policies of the Rep. party is that it no longer is the traditional party historically.

The Republicans have now embraced all those things that the party formerly battled against: small government, government intervention in social and economic programs, encroachment upon civil liberty, citizen privacy, taxation, elimination of government programs, and a small military.

With the party caving on so much of it’s old platforms it cannot, in my humble opinion, still be called a major political party. It has become a slightly right-wing part of the Democratic party.

To be sure they are still a major player and a huge pool of available cash for various politicians.

I have no idea when the party began sliding into liberalism or “became progressive”. “I Like Ike” and consider him a great man, but his policies had decidedly begun to slip leftward.

Another clue was the “trickle-down” process. Will Rogers, of course, came up with the phrase during the Great Depression. This is just an indicator of government joining hands with big business and wall street banking. The private sector promised to raise the quality of life of ordinary citizens (& actually did) but profiting themselves more than anyone else. Realizing how little real effect government policies have on the economy, bureaucrats looked to the private sector for help.

WW II initiated the current era of huge Federal funding. Between it’s power of taxation and the ability of the Federal Reserve Banking system/Federal Treasury fiat money practices, money has become the “Great God” of America. This concentration of cash makes all decision-making slots extremely valuable.

Cost of elections, appeasing the masses and keeping the vaults of the banking community is the unholy trinity of the election cycle.

Both parties now have the same goal: remaining in power. This trinity above slowly eroded the political philosophy dividing the two major parties until now where there is little outward or inward differences discernible.

Now who’s fault is this current situation…no one person or even group…at least in my own opinion. Government is, in the end, a reflection of the people in this country. Contrary to popular opinion we can change the flow of politics.

While I do strongly protest the social programs administered by our various government agencies, it is not the programs themselves to which I am opposed. As you know, there is no less efficient manner in administering anything than by a governmental bureaucracy. These things should be placed back within purview of the private sector, a partnership of private and local government or, at the very least, the lowest level of government.

American Federal government has shown itself to have one excellent capacity: destruction. It has destroyed the economy, the will of the people to economically prosper, and enemies around the world. Protecting us is the only shining moment in the last 238 years (not always, but most of the time).

So, in closing, it is no longer accurate to blame the Republican party for it’s idiotic policy. That party no longer exists. The older philosophy which Republicans espoused are more in line with the Libertarian party…which in conjunction with the Tea Party is in ascendancy in an attempt to fill the void.


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