Syria’s Assad and the militant rebels are the two bloody, un-reconcilable, manic sides of a private civil war.  This can be likened to a large dog fight in which anything goes.  Anyone with any amount of sense knows you don’t wade into a dog fight without getting badly hurt.

Every fighting male in Syria is praying for death as a martyr.  There is no more brutal fighting than two sides with a death wish trying to inflict the most damage on their hated enemy before they themselves are killed & ascend immediately to paradise.

The world was kind enough to (mostly) remain out of our own Civil War.  Returning that courtesy along with common sense would demand we allow these people the honor of fulfilling their dreams.  Incidentally, if anyone has all those grisly visions of gassed children on their mind…do they not know the horrendous amount of “collateral damage” caused by Tomahawk missiles along with other forms of modern air-delivered ordinance?  It is the civilians who always suffer the most when we intervene anywhere.


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