Some estimates of number of victims of the poison gas attacks in Syria go as high as 1200 men, women, & children.  This is a horrid & reprehensible act on the part of the thugs involved.

I have wondered in the back of my mind just what the difference between these victims and the other 100,000 or so other victims of the Syrian Civil War.  The combatants have entered into the conflict of their own volition, but the majority are civilians.  And they are every bit as dead as those gassed.  Why are the 1200 so vastly more important than the huge numbers killed by more “conventional” means to Mr. Obama?

Now we start to see the reason for an anticipated US response which is unpopular amongst both the public and Congressional members: Money.

The Defense Department having taken a $37 billion automatic hit due to sequestration and they are facing an additional $52 billion this coming year.  This ain’t no penny ante game for the Pentagon.

Our own Sen. Jim Inhoff of the Senate Armed Services Panel sounded the warning this week that DoD could not afford these strikes against Assad’s Syrian forces.

Now we see a developing patten which included the President seeking “some” new taxes and restored spending on the DoD AND other social programs.

Makes sense now; more American blood and treasure is to be sacrificed in the name of Holy Washington Politics.


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