A friend of mine was lamenting the harm caused by the nuclear energy business.  Some thing tickled the back of my mind until I remembered when the industry began years ago:

It is worth noting that just because something is good or bad and involves as much money as the energy sector must be considered in regards to it’s economic viability.  Nuclear power (remember when it was Atomic energy?) was introduced at a time when fossil fuels were commonly forecast to be pretty well depleted by now.

Economic concerns over-came fears of future safety which pretty well flew over the head of the general public.  As the reserves of fossil fuels have stubbornly kept up with demand and even increase as the case of natural gas, the nuclear sector has become non-competitive.

When dealing with a relatively few well educated and informed people reason can sway the crowd.  However, when the pocketbooks of the millions is in question economics generally wins the day.

BTW, proven reserves is not the same as “peak” oil.


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