Physics and anthropological have long speculated that these tiny whirlpools have been subject to more powerful forces when properly aligned.  In fact some go so far as to believe that out-of-control drains developed into micro wormholes and have played a major part in the dissemination or humans and animals across the earth.

In modern times there have been 8 confirmed ‘transportations’.  The most recent, in 1987, involved one Jake Pottersmyth.  He stated that while bushing his teeth in Webberly, Wyfordshire, he suddenly and unexpectedly blacked out while undergoing a feeling of being torn apart.  He awoke and a moderate sized iceberg in the south Atlantic and was miraculously rescued by a passing scientific ship.  Who knows how many others have been subjected to this ordeal only to perish in strange parts of the world?Whirlpool Wormholes

Secret US government lab experiments have been going on for many years.  Reported in hush tones are rumors of inter-solar systems travel.  Some speculate that the Americans on the moon were actually transported there by a large Federal drain.  Others point to the Federal deficit believing it has become locked into transporting taxpayer dollars to some distant star.  With such dangerous weapons in the hands of Federal agents who knows what could happen??


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