Veteran’s Day is not a holiday.  It is a day of respect, a day to revere the memory of those who fell in war, and a day to be grateful for this land of freedom and independence.

The holiday season is a time of celebration, happiness,and to be wrapped in the love of families.

The settlers on that first Thanksgiving day were literally overjoyed at their ability to survive and for that first fruitful harvest allowing to live through the coming winter.

The birth of Christ is cause for jubilation throughout the Christian world.  Again, this is a time for family, joy and religious celebration.

Veteran’s Day is a time to remember those selfless men and women who gave their lives that this nation might survive.  A time to give thanks to those who served, offering themselves as a bulwark against the forces of evil threatening our existence.

I urge everyone to take the opportunity to thank a vet this Veteran’s Day.  Even more, try to seek out a veteran  of WW II to thank.  So few veterans of the second Great War of the past century remain and they are daily passing beyond our gratitude


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