Sort out the current controversy over Phil Roberson’s remarks on gays:

1. Having not been arrested or even under investigation it appears that his First Amendment rights are not actually being challenged.

2. A&E did not fire Phil thinking he had abused his right to free speech; they got rid of him based solely on an economic decision.  As Bob Woodward’s informer stated during the Watergate affair: “Follow the money!”  Virtually all that happens at the national level is centered around the question of profit/loss.

3. As Ann Coulter observed in he past column, the liberals do not appear capable of discussing issues on an intelligent level.  When challenged liberals immediately go into a “scorched earth” mode in an attempt to demolish those challenges because they know their positions often have no base in our American legal system much less are they defensible in moral terms.

When one must defend a defenseless idea then normally unacceptable tactics must be employed:  Redirection – the liberal art of changing the topic of discussion.  Volume – overwhelming opposition by shouting down, in mass, the enemy.  Overwhelming – presenting a huge amount of data which ranges from faintly related to totally unrelated to the topic of discussion.


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