A Great Unsung Hero: William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

Wilberforce was born into a moderately wealthy English family.  He was a very likeable individual with a promising future.

He perchance came into the influence Quaker abolitionists and determined to campaign for the end of the enslavement of men.

Wilberforce literally spent his health, wealth and life to end slavery within the British Empire.  After two decades of defeat he was finally triumphant as the slave trade was abolished by Parliament.

Slavery remained legal however.  William continued his quest losing his health steadily.  On his death bed he was told that his cause had votes enough to kill this bane of mankind at long last.

As James Michener stated in 1962: “The world is positively hungry for young men who have dedicated themselves to big jobs.”  And, “A productive life consists of finding huge tasks and mastering them with whatever tools of intelligence and energy we have.”
…James A. Michener, “When Does Education Stop?“, Copyright 1962 by Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.


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