O’er those gloomy hills of darkness


I suppose it is just as well that sunset for the “Greatest Generation” is rapidly approaching. The America which they inherited is gone…long and irretrievably gone and, further, will never ever return in our lifetime.


Who killed it? They did, we did, and all the cute little X-gen’s since. Why? Well, greed, of course. We proudly proudly proclaim that America has a huge heart, but that’s just not the case. It is rather a case of rich, poor and all those between greedily seeking more of everything – for nothing. There is indeed a cost for everything and the cost is high.


The two national political parties have eviscerated America. They have been faithfully returned to Washington for decades by voters bought an paid by the National largess until those on the dole now out-number those working to support them. All the political parties across the spectrum who claim to have a “cure” are lying, uninformed or guilty of false hope…all are reaching for power to hold that which they have stolen.


Is the system repairable? No. The America bought in a terrible cost of blood was completely destroyed in the 20th century. Freedom, liberty, privacy, economic security, you name it, all those beloved amenities of the American dream are gone. Before the end of this, the 2nd decade of the new millennium, we shall witness the coup de grâce, that final bullet to the base of the American brain.


What will happen? The final collapse of the economy which has so faithfully supported all the foolish idiocy. It has been horribly abused for long and the spark of capitalism has just kept chugging along. In the end though all life must perish. With that monetary/economic collapse the Federal Government will cease to function. Most state governments will cease to function in any manner in which they have been accustomed. On the other hand, local governments will flourish for a bit.


What will follow? Chaos, in politics and economics certainly will; but I do not foresee the end-of-world type holocaust predicted by politicians. Big cities will bear the brunt and most city-dwellers will indeed suffer. And well they should as they have been the major backers of the America killers. Those in rural areas have retained the ability to provide for themselves and will fare vastly better.


Both East and West coasts will not recover for a half-century. The agriculturally based states in the great plains will thrive if they prevent an influx of starving big-city folks. Texas is a powerhouse which will be little effected if they manage to cut themselves away from the rest of the collapsing country. There are rumors that indicate the Texans may be positioning themselves for this very event. The Southeastern US could survive a collapse if they have a resolve to do so.


Whatever the long-term future holds for the former American people will depend heavily upon lessons learned. Part of the world will grieve for our past support; some countries will rush to fill the void left behind our leadership; others will simply give a sigh of relief. In fact, many Americans will feel relieved to finally put down the tremendous burden we have carried to long.


Let thy glorious morning dawn.



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