The 16th Amendment was passed on July 2, 1909.

This 115th anniversary is a good time to reflect upon that which our fathers have wrought.

Due to the needs of war and a growing government the 15th Amendment was proposed and subsequently approved by the requisite two-thirds of the of the American states.

Now any any student (even casual) of history knows that there is a precedent of corruption found whenever large sums of money are found. The confluence of political establishments and large sums of money are especially ripe targets for individuals and organizations wishing to attain high levels of power and wealth.

It was indeed a fortunate thing that this method of raising large sums of cash came along just in time to help fund the first world war (the war to end all wars) to be followed two decades later by the 2nd world war. Toss in a great depression and even a new non-conflict called a cold war and it was found huge sums of money were needed to protect and support liberty and freedom.

As matter of fact this river of money flowing through the government proved something else: that there was not enough money. So, the national federal reserve bank was founded. An amazing little (not little for long) institution quickly became a political darling due to the fact it could simply print fabulous sums of new cash. And all this cost absolutely nothing…except to the common citizen.

Here we are a century of growth and enlightenment later faced with totally corrupt institutions supported by other beasts of the same nature. What are we to do? Should we reform these predators which we created? Even if returned to their pristine conditions will they not quickly return, or, rather fall into abject corruption? Of course they will.

The issue is systemic in my humble opinion. Should we rid ourselves of government altogether? I really do not think that is necessary. I suggest the problem is not in the political institution but in what we have come to expect of it.

Because we are naturally lazy, or maybe we are too busy, or for whatever reason, we do not with to deal with the myriad of problems facing us as a society on a regular basis. Someone at some point made the startling suggestion, “Let’s let the government do it!!”

We tried that and it did work to a degree. However, it also attracted every shyster and con person in the known universe. Little problems were soon discovered to be “over-whelming” problems requiring sums of money so vast no one understood them. Yet we provided vast sums which it seems were not enough of themselves, but it was ok, the politicians just printed the balance of the needed cash each year.

Considering all the above the answer seems manifestly simple: Try Something Different!


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