Review: ** stars at best. Tour date: 1968
I was on the Mekong tour. While admitting that accommodations were adequate, we found them to be primitive at best. All water was luke-warm as was food which was also tiresome in it’s unchanging cuisine. Service in all locations was lackluster. Some native servers came-over as nearly hostile.

We enjoyed the colorful river and canal traffic as we cruised in the provided boats. We often wondered why the crews fired their large guns regularly at the poor sampan drivers, tho the boats occasionally created spectacular fireballs in the evening sky.

The inhabitants of small hamlets where we spent several nights came-over as particularly prickly in their relations with us. Although we slept well we often noticed a lot of movement outside our accommodations. This movement must have been related to the night hunting of the natives. We did not observe much in the way of wildlife but nights echoed of the hunters guns.

Overall, we found the Delta to be a delightful feast for the eyes, but the native servers and inhabitants left much to be desired. Perhaps as the tourism economy develops these people will be taught better manners and service skills.


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