The problems with America began long ago. I would trace it back to President Jackson and the nullification crisis with South Carolina and culminating with Lincoln’s Civil War.

The designers of our Constitution provided two strong means of controlling a run-away Federal government: First was the system of checks and balances built into the Constitution. Secondly, and the ultimate binder, was the right of states to withdraw from the Union.

The Union v. States Rights was an issue which came-up virtually at the signing of the Constitution. It narrowly missed bloodshed during the nullification crisis (South Carolina claimed the power to nullify Federal tariffs & threatened to withdraw from the Union should this power be denied by the Federal Government).

The Civil War established the ultimate power of the Federal government. States were forever denied their power to oppose the Federal growth at their cost.

Thus, one of the prime powers to oppose Federal growth was itself nullified. The checks and balances of the Constitutional system became the only protection to assist both states and individuals against an all powerful central government.

Yet, we now find a Federal judiciary reluctant to strictly enforce Constitutional law. The Congress has become corrupted through access to unlimited funds (thanks mainly to the printing of fiat money) and unable to use their power of impeachment against either of the two other branches much less their own membership. Now we have a Executive unwilling to enforce Congressional law and, indeed, changing the regulation of law at his own whim.

Well, as Deepthroat advised, “Follow the money!” The same source of unlimited money will one day lead to the fall of this house of cards. Economics will not be denied. An unfettered printing of money will inevitably lead to extreme inflation.

Once the collapse of the present system of green and corruption has been burned away the the high fever of radical monetary debasement we will again have the opportunity to build upon the skeletal remains of our former system.


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