Representation vs Leadership

Why do we refer to our elected representatives as “leaders”?? At all levels of government we are selecting people to represent our interests. We do not need people to go off finding causes to “lead” us into. From the President of the United States to local city council members they are all sworn to obey the will of the people and uphold the laws of the land.

I believe, rather, that these representatives sell themselves as leaders. Many voters (& most non-voters) simply want to take that bit of burden off their backs…”One less thing”, as Forrest Gump referred to it. It is a slight of hand in which politicians (or aspiring ones) are telling us that it is much easier to listen to what we say, not what we actually did.

Rating individual candidates is a time consuming task. Reviewing voting records, evaluating stated positions of the past and deciding how reliably a candidate has adhered to those beliefs are all tedious tasks. Simply listening to political rhetoric is much, much easier.

Being a leader elevates a mere representative to one who identifies problems and solves those believed to rate their exalted attention…in any manner they desire. After all, few remember how well they did their job in a distant election…politicians can just tell us what we want to hear.

God, Family and the Corruption of Islam

It is universal in religions of the world that a man’s priorities are God and family. Without harmony in either of these sacred poles of existence, life becomes a chaos.

Islam’s treatment of women and children within the family is perversion making the family an abomination of God’s vision of family as a sanctuary of love and security.

The corruption of family love cannot but lead to a depraved concept of God’s love. Perverting the relationship of man and God is a function of hell. The result is hate, conflict and an inability to tolerate the views of people obviously living within God’s own harmony.

The abominable behavior of militant Muslims results in their separation from God’s word and love. Fellow Muslims find it hard to condemn the acts of their terrorist brothers due to the fact their own family systems are also perverted. In the cauldron of conflicts of Islamic beliefs and God’s word evil grows in strength and corrupts the souls of men.

9/11 ~ My Secret Shame

TET Vietnam War Destruction

On September 11, 2001 I was at work. Hearing excited voices I went to the kitchen where the TV showing the scene of the Twin Towers smoking and soon to fall. The emotions of my fellow workers was astonishment and horror. As the second airliner plowed into the buildings I cannot remember feeling anything out of the ordinary.

My own mind was going back to my arrival in Vietnam in 2/1968. The TET offensive by the Viet Cong (many NVA also) had swept South Vietnam and the huge resulting fight to trap and kill them left most of the cities and towns severely damaged and burning.

The shot-up, bombed-out buildings; the furious fighting and continuous rolling sound of battle; and, mostly to me, the piles of dead VC stacked along the roads made a huge impression on my new-to-war mind. I hope to never see that situation again.

But with my mind comparing that old memory with what was occurring on the television, I could not help but think two large buildings was not that big a deal. I was so ashamed of that thought I never mentioned it. Yet, it never left me.

I hate that all those people died. I have compassion for all their families. I suppose that it was the Civil War when wide spread devastation due to warfare last visited our country. All the many wars since we have sent off our boys to fight…many returned and a few did not rejoin their families. We grieved and moved-on as a people. But our country was largely untouched.

My horrible thought at the time was that the world has suffered and it must visit our shores eventually. These two buildings in a city of thousands of buildings and millions of people in a huge prosperous land just did not seem that much. I am ashamed of that thought but I will not apologize for it.

My hope was that the country would improve it’s vast resources it already possessed in preventing such disasters in the future. But, true to bureaucratic concepts, it’s only response was to add huge new layers of uncontrollable agencies, spent inconceivable new sums of money, tell innumerable lies to the people, seek and receive erosions to our liberties, freedom and privacy, and eventually accomplish nothing.

The US Army is viewed as one of the most controlling environments in which an individual might find themselves. Yet here is the underlying truth. At some time in your war time experience, most troops find the entire war reduced to your own personal battle against your own private (at that moment in time) enemy.

This moment is likely the most dangerous moment of your life. At the same time it is a shining moment of freedom. For you and you alone determine your fate. Kill or be killed. The Army prepares each of it’s soldiers for this moment knowing, like a parent, that it must trust to the training and experience given to carry that soldier through the experience.

Knowing and understanding that freedom I was astonished when my government moved in a completely polar opposite direction. Instead of trusting, encouraging and bolstering that individual freedom, they placed their trust in the bureaucracy and deserted the individual. I was even more staggered that the American people approved and embraced that approach. I have always considered yielding freedom for security to be completely Un-American and a sign of ultimate cowardice.

In line with that last thought I have wondered many times if Osama Bin Laden truly understood the huge loss he inflicted upon us. Loss of life and property in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania was horrible. The loss of freedom is tantamount to the loss of our country and way of life. And, that makes me very very sad.

2TET 68

Drifting into Darkness

Drifting into Darkness

If we desire to participate in this new world and it’s technology then we must resign ourselves to having most of our privacy wiped-out. I honestly do not believe the majority of people understand how much of our liberty has been eroded due to their fears and deep felt need for security.

With an ever growing central government the future of freedom and liberty does not bode well for our collective future. Yet, to maintain power the government must continually pay for it. As always when dealing with a political establishment one does credit to their intellectual faculties to follow the money.

Our political elite remain in place through the purchase of votes. Votes are quite valuable even at this late date for the republic. But votes are very expensive. Our Federal government has now spent all of the money in this country and placed us into heavy debt with the rest of the world.