It is universal in religions of the world that a man’s priorities are God and family. Without harmony in either of these sacred poles of existence, life becomes a chaos.

Islam’s treatment of women and children within the family is perversion making the family an abomination of God’s vision of family as a sanctuary of love and security.

The corruption of family love cannot but lead to a depraved concept of God’s love. Perverting the relationship of man and God is a function of hell. The result is hate, conflict and an inability to tolerate the views of people obviously living within God’s own harmony.

The abominable behavior of militant Muslims results in their separation from God’s word and love. Fellow Muslims find it hard to condemn the acts of their terrorist brothers due to the fact their own family systems are also perverted. In the cauldron of conflicts of Islamic beliefs and God’s word evil grows in strength and corrupts the souls of men.


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