Why do we refer to our elected representatives as “leaders”?? At all levels of government we are selecting people to represent our interests. We do not need people to go off finding causes to “lead” us into. From the President of the United States to local city council members they are all sworn to obey the will of the people and uphold the laws of the land.

I believe, rather, that these representatives sell themselves as leaders. Many voters (& most non-voters) simply want to take that bit of burden off their backs…”One less thing”, as Forrest Gump referred to it. It is a slight of hand in which politicians (or aspiring ones) are telling us that it is much easier to listen to what we say, not what we actually did.

Rating individual candidates is a time consuming task. Reviewing voting records, evaluating stated positions of the past and deciding how reliably a candidate has adhered to those beliefs are all tedious tasks. Simply listening to political rhetoric is much, much easier.

Being a leader elevates a mere representative to one who identifies problems and solves those believed to rate their exalted attention…in any manner they desire. After all, few remember how well they did their job in a distant election…politicians can just tell us what we want to hear.


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