*When you find yourself surrounded by people who hate you with every fiber of their being.
*When you are specifically targeted with a bullet fired by somebody who wants you dead…really badly wants you dead.
*When friends are stabbed, shot, ripped apart, blown apart, and they just disappear forever without an opportunity to grieve them, much less say goodbye.
*When you must endure against your will within an unholy alliance of evil and find yourself unable to ever speak or even acknowledge it again for fear of reliving it.
*When you shoot at someone wanting very much to kill them…when you feel good about taking another’s life while realizing to what depths your soul has sunk.
*When you spend a year building a family with whom you willingly die and are ripped from them in mere hours or days.
*When you are taught for months things that might possibly keep you alive and then have these lessons reinforced with new ones on a daily basis…lessons that undoubtedly preserve your life…and be expected to forget it all instantly.

Little things like these separate you from your friends and family. The only family with whom you could share at one point, your companions-in- arms, in time is dissolved. If perchance you can reform them you find yourself grown apart by time and life. In fact, from the moment you enter into combat you likely find yourself on a lonely path even with those whom you best love.


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