Coyotes adapt to their environment better than people do. We live in the boonies and have 3 fairly large packs that roam around us. If we have no large yard dogs the coyotes eat/steal everything around the place. I never lost a calf, but have lost chickens & small goats along with any small dogs outside. Never had one threaten a person I know about. We also have bobcats which are almost as opportunistic. We have a pair of territorial panthers (mountain lions) and a sow black bear. Haven’t ever seen a boat bear, the the sow has a pair of cubs every year.

I don’t want to ever get rid of these wild critters. I never want to live where it’s not wild. I get a real thrill when the coyote packs are out & howling. I’be been down on the creek on this place when the hair on my neck would stand-up & get that old thrill that danger is not far off (remember feeling that one?).

Coyotes numbers do need to be regulated some years. If small game is abundant, the coyotes over-breed & then start getting disease & dying-off while spreading the disease. They self-regulate but lose a lot of other animals while doing it. My grandkids take coyotes while hunting on rare opportunities. I gave them orders to kill no bobcat on my place & no panthers or bear anywhere. The state had Oklahoma’s first bear season with 8 tags last year.

Oklahoma & Texas claimed wolves were eliminated in the ’30s but not all of them were. When I was little there were some still in the Red River bottoms. A wolf howling on a dark night is an absolute thrill. That lonely howl is a reminder that we are not the biggest predator in the woods!


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