I was just looking for some pictures of 1960’s Wichita, KS online but couldn’t find what I wanted. That reminded me of how many images, good or bad, in our minds go into the grave with us. All of human history was visually recorded but inevitably lost through dead of the witness.

All our visual memories of Vietnam will pass away in a few years. Nothing for it. But, like Nelson’s crossing of the French & Spanish “T” at Trafalgar all the nitty gritty images, smells, the terror and thrill of victory and survival will be lost. History is written & preserved but the feel, look and taste of history will forever be missing.

Likewise, the first step upon the moon; the sight D-Day Armada appearing on the horizon; the first step of a unknown “native” upon a unknown island in the vast south Pacific; the pomp, majesty and cruelty of Rome; Adam & Eve cast from Eden; the inhuman Aztec sacrifice of thousands by ripping out their beating, living hearts; that moment the light of recognition came-on when the first person discovered they could start a fire, make a wheel, plant & harvest a few grains of wild wheat; a Calvary charge against staggering odds; the very first human flight aboard a balloon; so much is gone.

I tried to decide what one event I would most want to witness if it were possible. I discovered it is an impossible task.


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