As To: Americans and Their Abominable Gun Rights.

Pogo Meets The Enemy

Just to be abundantly clear, our Second Amendment to the US Constitution neither had nor has anything to do with hunting, shooting at targets or protecting our homes, family and property.

Our Founding Fathers intentionally and with great deliberation reserved that, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Thomas Jefferson expounded upon this topic:  “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.[1] Unsuccessful rebellions indeed generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them.”  “…It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”
Jefferson, Thomas. “Revolution and Reformation.” Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government. Compiled and edited by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr

In a bit of Frankensteinish comparison; we the American people recognized the need for a governmental body and created it.  However, in recognition that this bastard child might well grow into a monster, we reserved the means to control it lest it turn upon and eat the master.

This then is the reason…we are not held by nor behold to the government; it is our property and we have duty and an ultimate  responsibility to control it.

As Pogo observed: “Yep son, we have met the enemy and he is us.”

I do apologize for my addiction to quoting Pogo.  I believe that, intellectually, he is one of the truly Great Americans.


In Middle Eastern history the current combatants are real slackers.

golden horde

In 1220 BC Genghis Khan led his Golden Horde of nomadic Mongols into central Asia.  After attacking the armies of the Shah and sieging smaller cities, the Mongols aid siege to the capital city of Samarkand.

In a relatively short period of days the capital fell in March 1220.  There followed the typical Mongol practice of sacking the city, sending artisans back to home, dividing the women & children amongst the Khan’s soldiers and butchering all who remained.  The people of Samarkand (those remaining alive) were ordered to evacuate and assemble in a plain outside the city, where they were killed and pyramids of severed heads raised as the symbol of Mongol victory.
Later in 1220, the city of Urgency fell to the Mongols.  As usual, the artisans were sent back to Mongolia, young women and children were given to the Mongol soldiers as slaves, and the rest of the population was massacred. The Persian scholar Juvayni states that 50,000 Mongol soldiers were given the task of executing twenty-four Urgench citizens each, which would mean that 1.2 million people were killed. While this is almost certainly an exaggeration, the sacking of Urgench is considered one of the bloodiest massacres in human history.

Nishapur and Herat fell in 1221 to armies led by the Khan’s son Tolui.  At Nishapur a son-in-law of Genghis Khan was killed.  The entire population was slaughtered down to the dogs and cats.

The Mongolians knew how to prevent local uprising in conquered territory…when they were gone they left only the dead behind. In Middle Eastern history the current combatants are real slackers.

Trouble on the Rim

           troubled cow

Obviously a very troubled young cow elk.  Her eyes and body language indicate an inner turmoil.  Probably pregnant with no idea which bull is responsible.  Borderline suicidal she needs counseling badly.  I certainly hope she gets the help she needs before this becomes one more tragedy along the rim.

What Have I Done?

I raised my children as best I could; educated my poor little brain; and offered myself in various capacities.

I remember one young man an ADA made a special trip to my office to ask me to help him.  I did of course.  It was an amazing trip which I will always recall with warmth.  His mom called me to thank me for returning her son to her.

Twice I went to the reception room to greet a new client only to find young woman literally curled into the fetal position on the couch, a ball hat pulled down over their eyes.  They were rape victims.  How to get them to trust a male counselor?  Somehow it happened.  They eventually left in happiness, restored pride in their life and left a pile of shame and blame on the rubbish heap.  It feels good to remember those things.  A worker at our Walmart came up to me one day and, after hugging me, expressed her gratitude for what I’d done for her daughter.  I didn’t know her or who she was talking about…just thanked her & left with a hell of a good memory.

So many good people around the world have done their best with what they possessed in places where they were allowed.  And, there were also those who truly “floated” up to their destiny in Washington and elsewhere.

I can think of a dozen or so people who could become a great president with a little training & OJT.  Why is it our country cannot seem to find people of quality?  We keep recycling the same old tired policies, families and failed philosophy.  We have amongst us the best, brightest and most morally well-intentioned folks in the world.  Our young warriors are the absolute best and are universally feared by our enemies.

We are a courageous and giving people.  We have continually expanded the frontiers in all areas.  Yet, politically we lack inspiration and the determination to try alternatives.  Historically we have politically reacted in times of extreme crisis.  That is where we find solace in these latter days of stagnation.  For always “Shit Happens”.

End of Rant Per Day.

Winning the Hearts and Minds…or…When Will Politicians Start Reading History??

“…the ultimate victory will depend on the hearts and minds of the people who actually live out there”
Lyndon B. Johnson  4 May 1965

“The United States and its Coalition partners are attempting to win the hearts and minds of the people in Iraq.”
June 2004 Congressional Hearing, Christopher Shays (R-CT)

“Our campaign to prevent people around the world from being radicalized to violence is ultimately a battle for hearts and minds,”
Barak Obama  18 Feb 2015

“The more Germans we kill, the fewer of our men will be killed.”
General George S. Patton to troops of the United States Third Army in 1944


Our Place

                            jeep in the snow

My wife & I live pretty much in the middle of our 53 acres. I know every foot of this place. I have an old 4 wheel utility vehicle I call “the mule”. I am out all over this place daily in good weather always discovering something new. I know all the neighbors, all their pets, cows & other varmints; I even know several of the wilder animals around here. I certainly know when there are strangers on the place; most are alright, but occassionally one or two need to leave.

We have weapons scattered around the house & I often carry one around. O, we also have 4 large dogs who run everywhere with me. They are big friendly animals that will slobber over about any stranger. I have no idea what they would do if someone threatened me; I believe they would attack and savage the aggressor. We certainly make no secret of this random collection of potential weapons of self-defense.

I think most criminals reach some kind of decision in their mind before they committ a crime. They have to believe they have a reasonable chance of not being either caught, injured or killed before they will attempt a crime. It is the unrational mind that tickles the back of my mind as a real threat. Though truely, I spend very little time in worry.

William’s Wisdom

                                        Joe Brfsplk

My old neighbor was a truly philosophical person. When the pastures dried in summer and the grass yellowed and broke-off, I would go seek the advise of William. “Will it ever rain, William??”

Drawing on decades of experience William calmly answered, “Always has…”

Likewise, when the dark dreary days of never ending rain began to drop my spirits into a bottomless pit, I would reach into ol’ William’s reservoir of wisdom. “William”, I would say, “will this rain ever stop?”

He would look kindly at me and, speaking slowly as if to an idiot, answer, “Always has.”

And you know through the long years since, I have found his knowledge to be nearly infallible.

Mortality and Law Enforcement


I really don’t want to bust anyone’s bubbles but with all the talk about police officers risking their life, I though I would look up the actual mortality rates involved. Turns out law enforcement is pretty safe compared to other professions/jobs. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in 2013 there were 102 “job-related” deaths out of some 900,000 sworn officers nationally.

That works out to around a 0.01% mortality rate. Compare that to agriculture/forestry/fishing/. at 29.6%, transportation at 16.3%, or even wholesale trade at 4.8%, a police job is pretty safe looking.

To add to the relatively low mortality rates overall digging into the statistics a little further reveals that 30 officers were shot to death. 11 were struck by a vehicle, 2 were stabbed, and 1 died in a “bomb-related incident.” Additional causes of death were: aircraft accident (1), automobile accident (28), motorcycle accident (4), falling (6), drowning (2), electrocution (1), and job-related illness (13).

Policing is a dangerous job (kinda) but most of our neighbors walk into more deadly situations everyday when they go to work. I am grateful for the work of peace officers but the local convenience store clerk has a much higher chance of dying on the job.

Gloom & Doom

O’er those gloomy hills of darkness

I suppose it is just as well that sunset for the “Greatest Generation” is rapidly approaching. The America which they inherited is gone…long and irretrievably gone and, further, will never ever return in our lifetime.

Who killed it? They did, we did, and all the cute little X-gen’s since. Why? Well, greed, of course. We proudly proudly proclaim that America has a huge heart, but that’s just not the case. It is rather a case of rich, poor and all those between greedily seeking more of everything – for nothing. There is indeed a cost for everything and the cost is high.

The two national political parties have eviscerated America. They have been faithfully returned to Washington for decades by voters bought an paid by the National largess until those on the dole now out-number those working to support them. All the political parties across the spectrum who claim to have a “cure” are lying, uninformed or guilty of false hope…all are reaching for power to hold that which they have stolen.

Is the system repairable? No. The America bought in a terrible cost of blood was completely destroyed in the 20th century. Freedom, liberty, privacy, economic security, you name it, all those beloved amenities of the American dream are gone. Before the end of this, the 2nd decade of the new millennium, we shall witness the coup de grâce, that final bullet to the base of the American brain.

What will happen? The final collapse of the economy which has so faithfully supported all the foolish idiocy. It has been horribly abused for long and the spark of capitalism has just kept chugging along. In the end though all life must perish. With that monetary/economic collapse the Federal Government will cease to function. Most state governments will cease to function in any manner in which they have been accustomed. On the other hand, local governments will flourish for a bit.

What will follow? Chaos, in politics and economics certainly will; but I do not foresee the end-of-world type holocaust predicted by politicians. Big cities will bear the brunt and most city-dwellers will indeed suffer. And well they should as they have been the major backers of the America killers. Those in rural areas have retained the ability to provide for themselves and will fare vastly better.

Both East and West coasts will not recover for a half-century. The agriculturally based states in the great plains will thrive if they prevent an influx of starving big-city folks. Texas is a powerhouse which will be little effected if they manage to cut themselves away from the rest of the collapsing country. There are rumors that indicate the Texans may be positioning themselves for this very event. The Southeastern US could survive a collapse if they have a resolve to do so.

Whatever the long-term future holds for the former American people will depend heavily upon lessons learned. Part of the world will grieve for our past support; some countries will rush to fill the void left behind our leadership; others will simply give a sigh of relief. In fact, many Americans will feel relieved to finally put down the tremendous burden we have carried to long.

Let thy glorious morning dawn.

In Battle Solitary

Battles are not won by great bombers or fast stealthy planes dropping thousands of tons of armament and firing millions of hot lead bullets.Battles are not won by great guns firing rounds by the thousands blasting great holes into earthen battlements.
Battles are not won by the planning staff of famous generals and great Marshall’s of the Field.
Battles are not won by fast trucks hauling supplies & fuel into the heat of the fight.
Battles are not won by tracked vehicles spitting death in every direction.
All these are, of course, assistance…support and of incalculable value. But, they do not win battles.
Battles are won by one man with a rifle killing his enemy one at a time until there are no more to kill. One man braving a tunnel system, fortified bunkers, or impenetrable jungles or pitiless deserts or broad, limitless plains or mountains the top of which he cannot perceive the distance with his eyes.
A battle is won by bringing death close, brutal, bloody, torn from living bodies through the fly filled stench of blood to every single enemy warrior. And, the last man to stand alive is at once triumphant and lost.
(Written by a Red Leg so I could be wrong)