jeep in the snow

My wife & I live pretty much in the middle of our 53 acres. I know every foot of this place. I have an old 4 wheel utility vehicle I call “the mule”. I am out all over this place daily in good weather always discovering something new. I know all the neighbors, all their pets, cows & other varmints; I even know several of the wilder animals around here. I certainly know when there are strangers on the place; most are alright, but occassionally one or two need to leave.

We have weapons scattered around the house & I often carry one around. O, we also have 4 large dogs who run everywhere with me. They are big friendly animals that will slobber over about any stranger. I have no idea what they would do if someone threatened me; I believe they would attack and savage the aggressor. We certainly make no secret of this random collection of potential weapons of self-defense.

I think most criminals reach some kind of decision in their mind before they committ a crime. They have to believe they have a reasonable chance of not being either caught, injured or killed before they will attempt a crime. It is the unrational mind that tickles the back of my mind as a real threat. Though truely, I spend very little time in worry.


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