I raised my children as best I could; educated my poor little brain; and offered myself in various capacities.

I remember one young man an ADA made a special trip to my office to ask me to help him.  I did of course.  It was an amazing trip which I will always recall with warmth.  His mom called me to thank me for returning her son to her.

Twice I went to the reception room to greet a new client only to find young woman literally curled into the fetal position on the couch, a ball hat pulled down over their eyes.  They were rape victims.  How to get them to trust a male counselor?  Somehow it happened.  They eventually left in happiness, restored pride in their life and left a pile of shame and blame on the rubbish heap.  It feels good to remember those things.  A worker at our Walmart came up to me one day and, after hugging me, expressed her gratitude for what I’d done for her daughter.  I didn’t know her or who she was talking about…just thanked her & left with a hell of a good memory.

So many good people around the world have done their best with what they possessed in places where they were allowed.  And, there were also those who truly “floated” up to their destiny in Washington and elsewhere.

I can think of a dozen or so people who could become a great president with a little training & OJT.  Why is it our country cannot seem to find people of quality?  We keep recycling the same old tired policies, families and failed philosophy.  We have amongst us the best, brightest and most morally well-intentioned folks in the world.  Our young warriors are the absolute best and are universally feared by our enemies.

We are a courageous and giving people.  We have continually expanded the frontiers in all areas.  Yet, politically we lack inspiration and the determination to try alternatives.  Historically we have politically reacted in times of extreme crisis.  That is where we find solace in these latter days of stagnation.  For always “Shit Happens”.

End of Rant Per Day.


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