On the Beach

on the beach   Your presence upon a beach is eloquent proof some one is standing on the far side looking back.  Mysterious lands brimming with even stranger creatures.  Those magnificent natives arise, forging a life of love and family; moiling through their days enmeshed in shrouded pleasures; and worshipping at the altar of strange gods.

Unlike we, the artistry of the observer’s own imagination fashion the only boundaries in that universe afar.

Every Soldier

Every soldier in every battle has a story…a family…memories.  Every soldier had knowledge and experience of value.  Each had favorite foods, favorite smells, favorite people, favorite days, hometowns and dreams for the future.  Nearly every soldier who died did so in pain and fear.  Each soldier died firm in their beliefs for which they fought and nearly all of them died with regret for that life not lived.

Guadalcanal campaign 7 August 1942 – 9 February 1943 (6 months and 2 days) —
7,100 dead
4 captured,
29 ships lost
615 aircraft lost

Invasion of Normandy 6 June 1944 – mid-July 1944
by 24 July:
≈120,000 casualties
4,414 confirmed dead

Deaths in Vietnam War (1965–1974) per Guenter Lewy
Allied military deaths                                     282,000
Communist military deaths                             444,000
Civilian deaths (North and South Vietnam)     587,000
Total deaths                                                   1,313,000

Battle of Gettysburg July 1–3, 1863
Union Forces
(3,155 killed
14,531 wounded
5,369 captured/missing)

Confederate Forces
(4,708 killed
12,693 wounded

US Total Casualties