Today I made a run up to Hartshorn for an appointment at the VA clinic.  On the way back in the middle of the hill north of Antlers (middle of nowhere) I happened to look up just before going under an underpass.   There on the bridge stood two tall willowy teen aged girls waving at the occasional cars & trucks.

Both girls were scantily clad in shorts & tube tops.  They smiled at each driver in a distant way as they passed overhead and out of sight.  A smile such as hi & welcome to my life…bye, we’ll never meet again.

First thought was prostitutes.  However, in the brief flashing moment when eyes met and broke away that thought was blown-out.  The looks on faces and smiles reminded me of the old quote, “in quiet desperation.”

As I sped on southward it occurred to me today was, in a very real way, a high point in their lives.  Teens they were, but likely mothers soon.  Two kids by 20 a big husky local boy sting & illiterate.  Two more sprouts soon after.  Her man will likely haul or cut wood; chase wild hogs and grab a pinch of fun when he can.

Was that winsome smile on their faces a reflection of their own knowledge of the future?  The worst thing about knowing your best days, the very apogee, are passing at such an early age.

So, I say, stand on that damn bridge, flash that smile and wave.  At least this day they can know several desperate men were strangely desirous of their untested charms.  But save it girls, in the end,, for those strapling boys you will marry and wild herd of heathens you are bound for to raise.


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