One year we were in Pocatello, ID visiting my wife’s brother.  Those big rolling hills of grass were parched.  The local paper asked the mayor if he was going to cancel the city’s fireworks.

He replied No!  This is America and this is Independence Day. We have the finest fire department in the US.  We are going to celebrate!

Pocatello is in a bowl of the tall rolling hills.  Everybody goes up on the sides of the bowl high above the town to watch the fireworks.  Right on time the show began.  Sure as the sun comes up there were a good many little fires set across from us on the northern hills.

Someone must have been spotting because before the little fires could get a start one of many hose trucks stationed all over everywhere raced down on it and put it out.  Not one got more than just a start.  We actually had two shows that night.  The fireworks and the fire trucks.

Whenever a truck would douse a fire the whole crowd ringing the town would give a big cheer.  It was an memorable evening.


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