BOR_4.1-74                   calypso divers with flares

John Denver and Cousteau    Cousteau

Calypso by John Denver  It is just one of those songs that throws my into a depressive state.  As they rollic along across the seas I realize I missed my place somewhere.  There is not a day nor hour; week nor year which had a huge “X” where I made a wrong turn.

As Captain Cousteau drives men and ship on the eternal quest for knowledge I just feel I missed some little sign where, should I have followed, a bright flashing career would have ensued.  I regret not the life I have taken; indeed I am proud of my family and myself; no, rather it seems there could have been more.

I was challenged so few times mentally, physically, spiritually.  Perhaps that road led to failure, disaster.  Or not.  The question is what might have been.

It is not as if I intentionally ignored my true path.  There were just so many turns, corners, unmarked pathways, and they all led to some destination missed.  Would one have led me to blaze new trails, ignite me with terrific opportunities, or created through me a landmark of new human understanding.

It is one of those feelings…your stomach turns a little, your heart thumps a bit harder, and perhaps most of all, it make you thing and evaluate your complete life experience.

Calypso c3adabb77da7dd4e4a5eaa27f19c5a4ff4736909 Calypso2 IMG_2032-Version-2-e1418707239344 006


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