Yes indeed, Americans are extremely efficient in eradicating everything in sight.  We got rid of a good many native species.  Now it seems we are in the business repopulating them.

Wolves, wild turkeys, and bear are the big successes.  Buffalo once again roam the plains.  We’ve even reintroduced bugs here & there.  Logging has been banned on huge tracts of land due to the spotted owl.  Big dam projects stopped due to ,tiny fish and other dams ripped-out because of endangered species.

Latest news is scientists are now going to recall long extinct creatures from ancient DNA specimens.  Mastodon, mammoth, and the eternal nightmare, a saber tooth tiger make the short list.  Passenger pigeon, giant beavers, giant sloth and God knows what other animals, birds, reptiles and bugs are in the works.

It’s all exciting and a bit scary at the same time.  Messing with mother nature is always dangerous.  But, hell, we have always done just that.  It’s who we are…it’s what we do best.


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