The enemy of the American people, an enemy 1000x worse than ISIS, is the Federal Government. The absolute best return on bombs, $ for $, would be to drop them on Washington.  Everything we have touched in the middle east has made a rapid drop into an abyss of blood, death and orphaned children (currently being beheaded).  We backed the Shah until all of Iran revolted against him & we lost that foothold.

We backed Saddam until we surprised the hell out of him by invading a country he had kept the lid on for years.  We tried Lebanon but were blown out of there.  Libya was finally settled into a semblance of stability without exporting terror…so, we went and destroyed that.  It is now another sub-cauldron of hell with it’s bitter civil war.  We DE-stabalised Egypt, but it managed to pull itself back together no thanks to us.  Yemen is a cesspool of civil war.

We agitated rebels in Syria until we have that country in flames.  Bashar al-Assad is a bloody leader from a bloody family yet he protected Christian and Jewish settlements.  Afghanistan a country historically not to be held by foreigners is showing us they care nothing for democracy but we just cannot hear them.

The house of Saud no longer trusts our words or actions.  Jordan activists are becoming restless.  If it has been our intent to kill a vast amount of people, destroy all forms of stability across the area, and force the rest of the world to consider the US with apathetic shame… then we have done one hell of a good job.

Russia has a lousy record with their own war-making, but they are able to pick winners for the long run far better than the US.  I am interested to see how they fare in the middle east.

And, for those wishing to destroy Asad please consider what will result.  There is no alternative government to install which will fare better than our other efforts at democratizing in the area.  In effect we would have come down on the Sunni side while Russia will be aligned with the Shia.  America slap dab in the middle of the longest running bloodbath in the Arab world…how great is that??