Minnihaha School

Sometimes I like to study the individuals and wonder what kind of life they had…Makes them a little more real, all except two are young people just starting their lives.

First Row (front)
1st, girl: pretty, well-dressed & the only real smile, nice store-bought coat
2nd, girl: first fish-lip selfie in Oklahoma
3rd, girl: you cannot make me smile
4th, girl: very pretty, well dressed and not quite sure wha smile is expected, nice necklace
5th, boy: tuff little dude not really happy at this moment
6th, boy: look at that rolled rim on his hat…he’s been cutting hog ears in the woods.

Second row (middle)
1st, girl: looks like beautiful eyes without makeup & long thick hair
2nd, girl: natural blond pretty face, bet she meets a boy from the big city (Broken Bow) & ends up marrying him….
3rd, girl: well groomed, bow or flower in hair cares about herself, wonder if that’s her beau behind her…
4th, boy: lean whip-lash of a kid, works hard & ears made to catch secrets

Third row (rear)
1st, man; nice looking, very well groomed, not teacher probably board member
2nd, older boy: Still in school but nervous because he older & not out working
3rd, older boy: This boy is a hard worker & the sawmill forman will be glad to have him

4th, Teacher: nicely dressed, strong enough to ride herd on these wild hill boys, little smile says she’s proud of what she does, teachers are always a mystery where they come from, how did they get here.

Minniehaha School, students and staff in either 1908 or 1910.


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