The Canton OK Well Blow-Out

gas well controlling_Blowout

There was a big gas well blow-out in Canton, OK way back in about ’65.  One summer evening some friends & I decided to drive out there to see it.  Got there about 2 AM so no one else, not even a guard, was around there.  We approached from the down  wind side away from the big heat.  The sound was awesome; we heard it from miles away.

There was a massive column of fire shooting into the sky under tremendous pressure.  Think an old fashioned blow-torch magnified a million times.  Every machine & tin shack around was blasted.  The huge rig had been melted into a big pile of twisted charred worms.

The energy of the thing just seemed to overwhelm you as it blazed and roared in front of you.  About 100 yards was as close as we could approach even with the flame bent in the other direction by the western Oklahoma wind.  The heat was unbelievable…everyone had singed hair & eyebrows.  Our skin felt like it was sizzling.  We could stand it only a few minutes before we had to creep back to safety.

Maybe the most alarming thing of all was the ground under our feet.  The very earth trembled, vibrated and pulsed.  It was as if the earth had come to life; the wild vitality of the discharging well overmastered everything.  A frightening idea crawled up my spine that the entire area would soon erupt sending everything heavenward in a ghastly nightmare of chaos.

Afterwards I reflected that compared to a volcano this well was but a pin-prick on the surface of the earth.  It gave me a new feeling:  We walk everyday upon a very thin crust gently floating on a sea of unknown and scarcely contained sheer energy.


What is with America and Guns?

Guns are a tradition, a very central part of our culture and symbol of our freedom. We hunt with them, collect them and shoot at all kinds of targets. Our Founding Fathers considered it a duty for citizens to not only possess guns but to also be ready to protect themselves from enemies external and internal. That explicitly means a rebellion against a government out of control.

Currently in the US there are 21.8 million million veterans. All are sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution. A huge percentage of those are committed and willing to do just that if necessary. There is your militia. I would bet they are very nearly all well armed.

I have no idea if regular forces would respond if ordered to attack their former brothers in arms. Some would. Our militia could not stand against the active military in face to face battle but that is just not how things work any more. ..

“Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky.” Charlemagne

Ho Chi Mihn studied three Americans while in Paris: Francis Marion, known as the Swamp Fox. John Mosby, known as the Grey Ghost. Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys. All had a hand in developing non-traditional warfare. Ho used our own tactics against us knowing his army could not stand against the might of conventional warfare.

As for military expedition goals it would simply be the collaps of the Federal government. A large scale insurrection would quickly acheive a general collapse of our economy which is already sitting on a two-legged stool.

Protecting our liberties and freedom is not a far-fetched idea except in the minds of those in the well-insulated stronghold of Washington, DC. Even so, there are now more guns owned by private citizens than there are citizens. The amount of ammo flying off the shelves across the country is astounding.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Isoroku Yamamoto

Outside the US few noticed a standoff resulting from Federal action against a Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy. A large group of “well-armed militia” gathered to protect Bundy from heavily armed Federal agents. This standoff had a convoluted background but ended with citizens facing-down the government. The Federals backed-down this time.

Most in this country now consider the government and anything associated with it as “them”. When a free nation devolves to “us” vs “them”, then gun rights become very important.

What Do We Do About the Muslims?

      I caught a part of a speech by Jordan’s King Abdulla. In confronting extremism, Abdullah said, is “both a regional and international responsibility, but it is mainly our battle, us Muslims, against those who seek to hijack our societies and generations with intolerant takfiri ideology.”A little light bulb went-off inside my head as he said this. Most of the western world is very reluctant to condemn the entire Muslim faith because of a small minority of ruthless butchers. This is understandable and when considered in light of Abdulla’s statement, i.e., “…but it is mainly our battle, us Muslims, against those who seek to hijack our societies and generations with intolerant takfiri ideology,” the problem comes into a much clearer focus.
If we are to take all Muslims as brothers based upon their faith they must reciprocate. The respect and safety of must be absolutely observed. Yet, they have allowed a rotted core to form and done nothing to eliminate the menace. The crux of the matter is that if those under the mantle of the Islamic faith will not act to rid themselves of the horrible perversion the terrorists present then we must needs exclude Muslims from our presence for our own safety. If and when Islam is willing and able to police it’s own ranks we can then welcome them back into the civilized world based upon a mutual trust. Until then the Islamic world should not be welcome go the civilized brotherhood of nations.

Terrorism ???

I did a search on Google today for, “what has the Muslim world done about terrorism. What I got was an extensive list of generalized condemnations of terrorist acts from across the Muslim world. Aside from the Kurds and the Assad regimes there has been very little actual physical opposition. Loads of money flows to all the terrorist groups from all the oil rich Arab nations.

On the other hand most of the developed nations of the world and a large number of the have suffered Muslim terrorist attacks. I did run across the below article about Japan & how they have had no attacks or even demonstrations by Muslims. It is interesting.

The most interesting thing is that while the Japanese almost universally condemn Islam as a dangerous aberration of a religion they have no guilt in response to that feeling. They make no apology related -to this condemnation. The total number of actual practising Muslims in Japan are estimated at about 1,000-3,000. Well, you can read the article from the below link.

It appears the Japanese view adherents to the Islamic faith as we would consider a rabid dog. The western world cannot admit that any major religion would not only approve of heinous acts but actually sponsor them. An analogy could be that we not only recognize the magnificent achievements of the Aztec nation but also approve of their sponsoring of human sacrifice on a huge scale. We just cannot admit what our eyes are seeing but ignore the bloody history of Islam.

The liberal right claims we must not discriminate against any broadly recognized religion lest we find all religions condemned. In accepting as equals these whose fealty is to a cult of death we doom our own faiths to oblivion; for such is the goal of the Muslim world.


grave in the bower

Live that the path nigh your stone is well-beaten; that strangers stray afar to visit your bower; and that all nod and say, “She lived, she did, a life of consequence. Valued she was.”