I did a search on Google today for, “what has the Muslim world done about terrorism. What I got was an extensive list of generalized condemnations of terrorist acts from across the Muslim world. Aside from the Kurds and the Assad regimes there has been very little actual physical opposition. Loads of money flows to all the terrorist groups from all the oil rich Arab nations.

On the other hand most of the developed nations of the world and a large number of the have suffered Muslim terrorist attacks. I did run across the below article about Japan & how they have had no attacks or even demonstrations by Muslims. It is interesting.

The most interesting thing is that while the Japanese almost universally condemn Islam as a dangerous aberration of a religion they have no guilt in response to that feeling. They make no apology related -to this condemnation. The total number of actual practising Muslims in Japan are estimated at about 1,000-3,000. Well, you can read the article from the below link.

It appears the Japanese view adherents to the Islamic faith as we would consider a rabid dog. The western world cannot admit that any major religion would not only approve of heinous acts but actually sponsor them. An analogy could be that we not only recognize the magnificent achievements of the Aztec nation but also approve of their sponsoring of human sacrifice on a huge scale. We just cannot admit what our eyes are seeing but ignore the bloody history of Islam.

The liberal right claims we must not discriminate against any broadly recognized religion lest we find all religions condemned. In accepting as equals these whose fealty is to a cult of death we doom our own faiths to oblivion; for such is the goal of the Muslim world.



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