cavalry cpl

I whupped my paw
kissed my maw
and lit out for Arkansaw.

I ain’t got far
when from afar
I seen a star.

I layed on the bed
& took what they fed
till I thot I wuz dead.

In come the judge
a big puffed-up drudge
my freedom he did begrudge.

The US Calvlary
would now be my salary
he vowed to the gallery.

So each day I muster
with old General Custer
one more man on his roster.

But this ain’t bad duty
my ol’ horse is a cutie
an’ the boss ain’t never moody.

We’re up on the Big Horn
chewin’ dried feed corn
sleepin’ under the sky ‘n up at dawn.

The scouts rode in to warn
there’s Sioux in a swarm
down on the Little Big Horn.

So down we did ride
till “Indians” they cried
and danged, next I knowed…I’d died!

Now maw sits by the fireside
her old eyes squinted a mite
in the dying of the light
on the note with my name was inscribed
and she cries and cries and cries.


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