In June of 1976 Palestinian and German terrorists hijacked an Air France flight with mainly Jewish and Israeli  passengers.  After refueling in Benghazi, Libya the hijackers were welcomed with open arms by by the government of Idi Amin of Uganda.  The hostages were held in the Entebbe Airport.

The Israel government declined to deal with the terrorists and authorized a secret operation to rescue the hostages.  Israel Defense Forces (IDF) special commandos lain plans with Intel provided by Mossad.

Without forming a coalition of nations, permission from the United Nations, or even Ugandan passports, 100 IDF members flew 2500 miles to Entebbe in complete silence.

In the 53 minutes the IDF was on the ground they:
Rescued 102 hostages (one was killed when mistaken for a terrorist) ,
Killed about 50 Uganda troops including the 7  hijackers,
Destroyed about thirty Soviet-built MiG-17s and MiG-21 fighter planes of the Ugandan Air Force,
Engaged Uganda forces while loading the hostages on aircraft killing and wounding additional enemy,
When fired upon by Uganda troops in the airport tower they reduced the tower to rubble,

5 IDF members were wounded and the commander Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed during the operation.  One female hostage had been moved to a local hospital for treatment prior to the raid.  After the operation Uganda officers killed her and her doctors in retaliation.

Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu

                                                     Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu


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