Homestead Poison

wasp   black widow

velvet tail   tarantula-10


In all the houses we have lived in all the commodes have been towards a corner. Every corner above the crapper has always housed a spider. Many years ago I would always kill the spider. Then I decided to just leave the damn thing because if I killed them another set-up house in a couple of days. I started aggravating them by blowing their web or flipping water from my fingers at them. I noticed the older they get the less they run.

Somewhere in time I started talking to them. I talked mostly in my mind or whispered so no one would think I was nuts. Our kids say I’m warped a little anyhow as I have always talked to the animals around us (and chickens or pet birds). This one-way conversation has lasted quite some time now.

Tonight I was taking a leak & looked at the current corner resident. There was an early mosquito sitting next to the spiders nest. It flew away as I watched. Lowly I whispered to the spider, “What good are you if can’t even catch a mosquito…worthless little bastard.”

He’s getting on in days…a bit old & slower, so I only half meant it. But as I watched the eight legged bugger, it slowly lifted on spider foot to me and whispered back, “Go screw yourself you old bastard.” I swear that spider foot looked like he flashed me the bird. I don’t mind a talking spider as much as a sassy one. I put the mouthy little mass of legs on notice.

My corner spiders are not poison. We have a few brown recluse (fiddle back) around. There are black widows in the woods & around the barn. There are several tarantulas but I rarely see them.

We do have plenty of is rattlesnakes. They are timber rattlesnakes sometimes called velvet tipped. There is a year round creek on the west side of our place. I didn’t know till we already lived here that the old-times called this place “Rattlesnake crossing”. I really don’t know how many of them I killed in the yard. Largest one was a full 8 feet long. Still have his skin.

Then there are wasps. Our little cedar sided house draws them for miles around. They are everywhere.

With all the poison & venom around here I had to make a real change so I didn’t constantly worry about getting bit, stung or otherwise injected. I started to just ignore all of them. As time has gone on it has worked pretty well.

In fact none of them has tried to chase me down. Even the wads of wasp pay little attention if I go slow by them. My son killed two copperheads & one rattlesnake in the yard a year ago but none of their relatives have come down on me in a blood feud…yet.