2nd Ammendment Trumped

The 2nd Amendment is not just about protection of self, family and possessions. The framers of the US Constitution made it clear the Second Amendment is to protect us against a tyrannical government.
I paraphrase the founding fathers: According to the Declaration of Independence, the only legitimate governments are those with the consent of the governed. When a government becomes the enemy and not the defender of human rights, the people can withdraw their consent and set up a new government.
Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is the government at fault in the direction our country is currently undertaking. It is the people trending towards socialism/communism which is the greatest threat to the sovereignty of the individual.
It is totally beyond my understanding why, knowing the bloody history and disastrous economic disasters which inevitably devolve from these systems, people would freely invite them into their lives. This appears to be a classically suicidal society.