Do you see we don’t really say goodby in a traditional manner? It would seem death is the only final seperation between us. And, even at that, these days, there are tons of documents, papers, photos and videos (analog & digital) left around the little nests we built during our life and keep our presence alive for literally years.

A hundred fifty years ago if a couple married and committed to leave home there existed a very real abyss between them & ‘the old folks @ home’. Then, with the advance/onslaught of technology that chasm has steadily closed. It has closed to to point no where we have available constant, minute by minute, contact possible.

Privacy is attained only at the cost of laying-down all technology. Which, by the way, can be a very empowering experiment.

I find myself looking at this development in our lives with with a certain amount of nostalgia. Is it better we are able to easily visit over vast distances and communicate cheaply world-wide. Voice & video contact is very nearly instantaneously. Emotional and intellectual ties are not broken; nay, they are not even slightly strained.

Contrast this with the seclutionary privacy we enjoyed a century to a century and a half ago. Slow posts and slower unreliable transportation limited physical visits to extreme emergencies or even a last trip to see the old folks & tell them how the long lost arm of the familly had fared.

Has the security of constant contact over-weighted the halls of soitude which we owned freely, unsought and largely unrealized. Those days when we rose or fell alone are a distant memory. The day when a person chose a spouse knowing very well that this choice meant life or death and avoidance of those obligations led to inevitable obliveration.


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