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What Have I Done?

I raised my children as best I could; educated my poor little brain; and offered myself in various capacities.

I remember one young man an ADA made a special trip to my office to ask me to help him.  I did of course.  It was an amazing trip which I will always recall with warmth.  His mom called me to thank me for returning her son to her.

Twice I went to the reception room to greet a new client only to find young woman literally curled into the fetal position on the couch, a ball hat pulled down over their eyes.  They were rape victims.  How to get them to trust a male counselor?  Somehow it happened.  They eventually left in happiness, restored pride in their life and left a pile of shame and blame on the rubbish heap.  It feels good to remember those things.  A worker at our Walmart came up to me one day and, after hugging me, expressed her gratitude for what I’d done for her daughter.  I didn’t know her or who she was talking about…just thanked her & left with a hell of a good memory.

So many good people around the world have done their best with what they possessed in places where they were allowed.  And, there were also those who truly “floated” up to their destiny in Washington and elsewhere.

I can think of a dozen or so people who could become a great president with a little training & OJT.  Why is it our country cannot seem to find people of quality?  We keep recycling the same old tired policies, families and failed philosophy.  We have amongst us the best, brightest and most morally well-intentioned folks in the world.  Our young warriors are the absolute best and are universally feared by our enemies.

We are a courageous and giving people.  We have continually expanded the frontiers in all areas.  Yet, politically we lack inspiration and the determination to try alternatives.  Historically we have politically reacted in times of extreme crisis.  That is where we find solace in these latter days of stagnation.  For always “Shit Happens”.

End of Rant Per Day.


Our Place

                            jeep in the snow

My wife & I live pretty much in the middle of our 53 acres. I know every foot of this place. I have an old 4 wheel utility vehicle I call “the mule”. I am out all over this place daily in good weather always discovering something new. I know all the neighbors, all their pets, cows & other varmints; I even know several of the wilder animals around here. I certainly know when there are strangers on the place; most are alright, but occassionally one or two need to leave.

We have weapons scattered around the house & I often carry one around. O, we also have 4 large dogs who run everywhere with me. They are big friendly animals that will slobber over about any stranger. I have no idea what they would do if someone threatened me; I believe they would attack and savage the aggressor. We certainly make no secret of this random collection of potential weapons of self-defense.

I think most criminals reach some kind of decision in their mind before they committ a crime. They have to believe they have a reasonable chance of not being either caught, injured or killed before they will attempt a crime. It is the unrational mind that tickles the back of my mind as a real threat. Though truely, I spend very little time in worry.

What Feedom Is…

It’s freedom, Mate. The swagman had it. And, rather than allow himself to be imposed upon by landowner & law, he kept his freedom and gave up his life.

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now. And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang …”
“Me And Bobby Mcgee” Kris Kristofferson

Society & I have always been fascinated they the underdog, wanderers, loners, outlaws, pirates and vagabonds in general.

As we grow older we assume the burdens of society (laws, values, mores), family, personal property, real property and all those things which make us valuable. At first it feels good to be productive and responsible members of society.

At some point most folks get to feeling a bit crushed by all that stuff riding around on our shoulders. We say it is the price of freedom but we know better than that. Freedom, as the song says, is nothing left to lose.

We know those few who actually bear little or no responsibility are mostly free and, occasionally, we envy that independence. Few would willingly give up our lives to wander the land unburdened, but that vision helps us to continue our lives as it is an option should we someday get that straw that breaks our back.

As Captain Jack Sparrow described the Black Pear:
“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. That’s what a ship needs. But what a ship is…what the Black Pearl really is…is freedom.”

God, Family and the Corruption of Islam

It is universal in religions of the world that a man’s priorities are God and family. Without harmony in either of these sacred poles of existence, life becomes a chaos.

Islam’s treatment of women and children within the family is perversion making the family an abomination of God’s vision of family as a sanctuary of love and security.

The corruption of family love cannot but lead to a depraved concept of God’s love. Perverting the relationship of man and God is a function of hell. The result is hate, conflict and an inability to tolerate the views of people obviously living within God’s own harmony.

The abominable behavior of militant Muslims results in their separation from God’s word and love. Fellow Muslims find it hard to condemn the acts of their terrorist brothers due to the fact their own family systems are also perverted. In the cauldron of conflicts of Islamic beliefs and God’s word evil grows in strength and corrupts the souls of men.

The Ship Cutty Sark – Last of the Clipper Ships

Cutty Sark

The last and likely the most beautiful of the magnificent Clipper Ship class, the Cutty Sark was built challenge the reigning champion clipper of the day Thermopylae. The competed around the world for several years.

Whether carrying cargoes of gold or ceramics or blended Scotch Whiskey from it’s home port the Cutty Sark continually set new records for flying across the Duke of Edinburgh—Prince Philip—who established the Cutty Sark Society in 1951 and still serves as the president of its successor, the Cutty Sark Trust. world’s oceans.

The Clipper Ships ruled the waves and world trade for years. Only to be eventually replaced by plugging, smoke-spouting steam ships. The steamers set standards for reliability and size which displaced the graceful Clippers.

The Cutty Sark changed hands several times, was refitted after being de-masted in a storm but was continually degraded in her cargoes. Yet, in 1922 she returned to British hands and was returned to her former grandeur. She served as a training ship for several years. Duke of Edinburgh—Prince Philip—who established the Cutty Sark Society in 1951 and still serves as the president of its successor, the Cutty Sark Trust.

Moved to Greenwich for restoration she suffered a major fire in 2007. Work continued and is now open to the public.

Highway Morality/Mortality

Way back, when I was a kid, in the 50’s turtles were a popular target of opportunity.  Rarely got on the road without seeing several crushed turtles.

Things have certainly changed (for the better) in the years since.  While the highways are littered with dead animals they are mostly unavoidable collisions.  Few folks actually attempt to kill a creature with their vehicle.

A dead turtle is a rare sight and I have witnessed countless cars swerve to avoid them…even snapping turtles which are still pretty negatively viewed.

A friend of mine was lamenting the harm caused by the nuclear energy business.  Some thing tickled the back of my mind until I remembered when the industry began years ago:

It is worth noting that just because something is good or bad and involves as much money as the energy sector must be considered in regards to it’s economic viability.  Nuclear power (remember when it was Atomic energy?) was introduced at a time when fossil fuels were commonly forecast to be pretty well depleted by now.

Economic concerns over-came fears of future safety which pretty well flew over the head of the general public.  As the reserves of fossil fuels have stubbornly kept up with demand and even increase as the case of natural gas, the nuclear sector has become non-competitive.

When dealing with a relatively few well educated and informed people reason can sway the crowd.  However, when the pocketbooks of the millions is in question economics generally wins the day.

BTW, proven reserves is not the same as “peak” oil.