Well, any country that’s been around awhile has thousands of Federal, state and local laws on the books which range from the archaic to the plain imbecilic. They just sit there in the books and 90% of them are not enforced (unless a cop really needs a reason to hold someone).

Personally, I think it’s a good reason to “Sunset” every law below, say, major felony law. That is, have a date, when passed, that the law simply expires. After five or ten years, it just dies. If the need for that law still exists, renew it. Otherwise, keep the law books lean and efficient.

Not only do these laws serve no purpose, but thousands of them come with their own sets of regulations for implementation. Regulations which require individuals and business to conform to some long-forgotten desired end. Trash can all of it. There are thousands of legislators working part-days for a couple of short months a year. Let them earn their keep!