I was first disappointed and then disgusted with Cruze. I had so hoped that finally a Constitutional conservative had a decent shot at winning. Clinton will only take the Federal government into a morass of corruption; a spiral of deficits paid with inflation; and disruptive  foreign interventions likely resulting in war and the waste of thousands of the finest young American.

Trump will, by far, do less damage. Should he enable a Supreme Court rededicated to the values enumerated in the Constitution, this would be his lasting contribution.

The Republican Party, for all it’s extensive card of candidates,  offered nothing more than antiquated bureaucratic ineptitude in it’s march into political suicide. McCain, Romney and three strikes, your out!

Without someone to intelligently propose a retreat of government interventionism, Trump was chosen in hopes his bull-in-the-china shop manner will destroy as much as possible without replacing it while sitting a Court willing to enforce the constitutional parameters placed by the Fathers.

And, repeal the XVI Amendment.