American Soldiers Arriving in Vietnam

Flew into Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Feb. ’68. They formed us loosly into a column. Walked by the bastards headed back. The front ones had starched fatigues. All those behind them looked like dumbster divers & just wandered around in a mob looking for an empty plane.

Unlike basic & AIT where those leaving laughed or whooted at us going into the krap, these guys leaving Nam hardly glanced at the cherries. They were sun black and very un-stryke.

Didn’t think about them long though. All the smoke from everything burning, artillery, small arms fire and active air strikes around the base…and that was a damn big base. I got there on a day we didn’t own Saigon anymore. Or, a lot of the other big & smaller cities. The next two weeks Victor Charlie, as a fighting army, mostly died. NVA started to flood in from Laos & Cambodia.

I think that was the month the music died for myself.