If, by some magic, every private gun in America disappeared would isis not find a way to weaponize these killers?  Pipe bombs have been never been legal but they scattered them all over everywhere in the San Bernardino.  Pressure cookers packed with explosives are not legal, but the Boston bombers managed to kill and wound a good many folks.

Does anyone doubt a suicide bomber would not walk into a packed room in an elementary school?  Nearly everyone in this part of the country has guns – all sorts of guns and all the ammo they can afford or want.  During my entire lifetime it has been possible for any person around here to kill scores of folks, but is just does not happen.  There are shootings, mostly drug related or drunks.  I would bet there are more knifing than gunshot wounds.  One of our previous District Attorneys famously said, “One thug shoots another…where’s the new?”.  He was right.  A baseball bat will do just as well as a .45 auto.

That weapon in Orlando didn’t kill all those folks without the idiot pulling the trigger.  Like all weapons it’s not worth spit without some evil using it.  IED’s killed and wounded more US troops in Iraq/Afghanistan than gunshots.

You just can’t legislate your way out of terrorism.  You crush it or live in the aftermath.  America will never do anything with islamic terrorists as long as Barack Hussein Obama II is president.  period.

In Reply to comments:

I class automatic weapons in the same class as cap guns, .22 rifles and all the way up to a self-propelled 8″ howitzer.  They are all tools of one sort or another.  I can kill by driving a 3/4 inch deep well socket into someone’s head.  They will be just as dead as if they were the recipient of 3500 rounds from a minigun.

People, not tools, kill people!  Tools just lay around, like the inanimate objects they are, until someone picks them up.

If this fine government outlaws the possession of everything capable of killing folks, the next morning we will all become nomads.  Millions will die because we lack the tools necessary to support the surplus.

Passing laws to ban tools is easy, it’s cheap, and it does absolutely no good.  People go right on along killing.  Call it social, behavioral or deviancy.  These warped individuals will use whatever tools are available to kill.

Bottom line: Once you make murder illegal that is about all you can do.  You must to go out and do the heavy lifting part of the job.  Politicians who run their mouth and pass stupid laws against common tools have no interest in enforcing the law.  They want the people off their back.