Occasionally, in the late evening, particularly on hot summer evenings, I will lay on my bed and take a nap.

One evil-hot evening after only furtively napping lightly I opened my eyes from uneasy slumber. Outside my window is a large and very old oak tree. A red oak. I enjoy looking at it through the window as the breezes play through the big limbs and lithe green leaves.

This day, in the lengthening shadows, I was startled to perceive a darkness creeping slowly upon the living bark. Looking sharply I could make-out small foul beings clinging closely and creeping ever upward. Even through the closed window I smelled a rancid putrid issue from their beings. And, I was afraid.

I feared not for myself well protected within my home, but for the beauty of the old tree and the safety of the shining elves which called it home. Obvious it was that these evil smelling creatures would destroy all the fine grace which existed therein.

As the darkness grew my heart contracted within my chest and I anticipated the loss of something which I greatly treasured. In this moment I saw the conquering of dark forces which relentlessly and constantly push against all the loveliness of this world. Anticipating the inevitable end my hope failed and I shrunk within my own cooling flesh.

At this ending moment there sprang a bright bit of light from the upper limbs. It was the last bright rays of the failing sun. And from this piercing of light came the elven brethern to champion their home. They brought forth their golden bows and filled the air with their white arrows.

In the shrill screams of the dark evil beings was the sound of bright triumph. The elves shot all the wretched things from their home and the ground beneath the tree was covered in unclean swarthy flesh.

The rotting of the nasty meat fouled the earth and the air above.

But the earth is strong. She is the ultimate force upon which all much rend and is reduced. As the myriad of noxious beasts from years past and years beyond, the foul bodies were come yet again to dust.

From this dust sprang the flowers and green grass. What once threatened the green leaves and huge old limbs now nourished the roots of the ancient tree.

All is now and ever will be green and beautiful. Because the elves are bold, they are brave and they are pure at heart and once their white arrows filled the sunset air upon their home.


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