I have never been to a reunion of old military farts. I tried one high school reunion. They were a bunch of folks who once meant a lot to me who life had changed into strangers. I have never tried that again.

I believe that those old boys with whom I served in Nam were so important to me I just could not stand to admit I have lost them. I know full well that, like me, life has reshaped them into people they had to become. Somewhere deep inside are those brave young warriors who surrounded me in the endless paddies.

Maybe I am just too weary to mine-in there & find my old pals. Perhaps they are available no longer. Might be if I found them it would be just too painful to face.

We all once lived that razors edge of life and death. We existed above civil society, touched the gates of hell and bumped elbows with the immortals. I often long for those brief moments consigned now to eternity. Like those sublime moments, the people, I fear, are also long gone.